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Rainbow's Adult Baby Diary #2
Rainbow: "Oh my God, why did you bring them in here?"

Fluttershy: *Walks into the nursery* "Huh? Oh- Spitfire? She wanted to see how you were doing."

Spitfire: *Laughs* "Ah-haha! Oh man, you really have become a baby haven't you."

Rainbow: *Blushes* "I-I-"

Spitfire: *Puts a finger over Rainbow's mouth* "Shh, the adults are speaking baby."

Fluttershy: "Hehe, yeah she is. When I changed her diaper this morning I thought she was done- she did make one heck of a stinky mess. But an hour later, there she goes again."

Spitfire: "Haha, well you're off the team Dashie." *Pats the top of the baby walker* "Don't worry squirt. Come to the track some times when we're not using it and I'll let you walk around in your little racer."

Fluttershy: "Hehe, isn't it nice?" *Pushes the baby walker down and lets go* "I got it for Rainbow's birthday- in lure of a party."

Spitfire: "Haha, what a loser."

Rainbow Dash: *Bounces up and down helplessly as she tries to cover her chest*

Spitfire: "And to think I thought she was Wonderbolt material at some point. We'll have to erase her specs from the record."

Fluttershy: *Giggles, leaning in* "You think she's underwhelming as an athlete, you should see her in bed. Hehe, done in ten seconds flat."

Spitfire: "Hahaha!"

Fluttershy: *Smiles, taking a picture* "I'll send this to you when you leave."

This is the second installment of my ongoing picture based series "Rainbow's Adult Baby Diary".

First: Rainbow's Adult Baby Diary #1 by Oliver-England

Anyhow, if you have any suggestions for what you want to have happen next, please feel free to comment down below.

Have a good one! ~England
Sweetie Belle in a Stroller by Oliver-England
Sweetie Belle in a Stroller
Fluttershy: "Awe, is someone ready for her wittle buggy ride?"

Sweetie Belle: *Nods contently*

Fluttershy: "It seems like just the other day, you were so nervous to put on diaper, let alone go out in public in your diaper. But now look at you, all happy with who you are. Just a little eager filly, ready to go get some ice cream with her favorite aunt. Can you say 'ice cream'."

Sweetie Belle: "Bye-creme."

Fluttershy: "Very good! Awe, they're going to love you at the ice cream parlor. What do you think Rarity?"

Rarity: "Well, I will admit she's awful cute in her little buggy. But don't you think her regression therapy might have gone a tad uh- too far?"

Fluttershy: "What? No, never. Sweetie Belle here is simply behaving in the manner best suited for her. We can't help who she is Rarity."

Rarity: "But dear, you do realize that since she's started 'acting like a baby' that her cutie mark has all but vanished. It's like you've really turned her back into a foal, just not as small."

Fluttershy: "Don't mind her Rarity." *Walks up to Sweetie Belle and pats her nappy, then tugs on the safety straps a tad* "You're just being paranoid. Sweetie Belle is just being herself."

Rarity: "Fluttershy, darling. How do I explain to my parents that their little filly is unpotty trained and un-enrolled from Ponyville Public Schools?"

Fluttershy: "Hehe, you tell that she's un-enrolled because she couldn't spell, do math, and because Ms.Cherilee doesn't like to change dirty diapers silly."

Rarity: "Y-you can't be serious. You sent her to school wearing diapers and didn't tell me."

Fluttershy: "Of course. She went, they called for me to come in, then recommended I let her take an 'extended vacation'."

Rarity; *Face Hoofs* "You're being unbelievable Fluttershy. How did you even do this?"

Fluttershy: "It's none of your concern now Rarity. I'm more than happy foal sitting for Sweetie Belle from now..." *Looks into Sweetie Belle's eyes and smiles* "and forever."

So, this has been one of my favorite little drawings I've done on this site and I'm it turned out so well. 

This isn't cannon with my new story "Fluttershy the Foalsitter" mind. But I figured I'd write something to satisfy those who enjoy some of the darker AB/DL tropes.

Link to Fluttershy the Foalsitter:…

Anyhow, I'm back from my hiatus and I plan on posting at least monthly as I was originally.

If you'd like to request any characters that you'd like to see diapered next, feel free to comment in the section down below.

As always, have a good one! ~Oliver-England
Rainbow's Adult Baby Diary #1 by Oliver-England
Rainbow's Adult Baby Diary #1
Fluttershy: "Awe, good morning YouTube. Today is Rainbow Dash's very first day of un-pottytraining. Isn't that right my little Dashie?"

Rainbow: "Yeah." *mutters*

Fluttershy: "Awe, someone's just a bit shy. Don't worry though, Rainbow Dash is gonna be using diapers twenty four seven from now on and that includes in public. Hehe, someone's really dedicated herself to being the cutest little girl in all of Equestria."

Rainbow Dash: "Fluttershy, staph. You're embarrassing me."

Fluttershy: "Awe, you love the attention though. Don't worry sweetie, once I upload this. More people will know you as the adult baby than a Wonder Bolt."

Rainbow Dash: *Blushes* "Hehe, I'mma baby."

Fluttershy: "That's right sweetie. Now show YouTube and everyone else what's under that little skirt of yours."

Rainbow Dash: *Flashes Onesie*

Fluttershy: Good Baby. I think someone deserves a nice breakfast from mommy's breast this morning, hasn't she? Doesn't that sound nice Dashie?"

Rainbow Dash: "Yes mommy."

Fluttershy: "Awe. Well, we'll see all of you later with another vlog. I think I smell something stinky in the air and I think is might becoming from the baby."

So, this is a sketch I did quite recently. I was originally going to draw Fluttershy in Rainbow Dash's position. But, I thought it was nice having Rainbow Dash be the baby for a change of pace.

That being said, I'll most likely do more with Rainbow Dash and this video vlog idea of mine, down the line!

Anyhow, feel free to request whichever character you'd like to see diapered in the comments down below!

Have a good one! ~England
Fluttershy Brainwashed (AB/DL) by Oliver-England
Fluttershy Brainwashed (AB/DL)
Rarity: "I can't believe you did this to her. Twilight I can understand, but Fluttershy?"

Sunset: "Well, unlike Twilight. Fluttershy wanted to be babied."

Rarity: "I guess I can see it, she is an awful innocent thing. But she seems weirdly- how do I say this? Intimate.

Sunset: "It was part of the contract she signed, she wanted to continue living with sexual desires... so I just wiped her mind. Not all of it through.

Rarity: "Well that doesn't do her much good does it? If she's always acting the way I've seen her, then she's pretty much just a dumb foal now."

Sunset: "You're not wrong. She's pretty much just a little foal who lives to blankly fill her diapers and act cute for guest. It's what she wanted though. Beside's she likes having a mommy to depend on. Isn't that right Flutters?"

Fluttershy: *Giggles, kicking her legs a tad as she suckles her hoof* ^3^

So, this is a tribute to 'Skitter' who's been a rather influential artist in 'Sunset Shimmer's Magical Mystery Nursery'. Please send him some support by checking him out. ^^

Skitter's Derpiboo:…

For those who follow my stories on, this is a bit of a teaser for things to come in the 'Sunset Shimmer's Magical Mystery Nursery'. I plan on having the new chapter posted within the next couple days!

Have a good one! ~England ^^
Ruby in Diapers by Oliver-England
Ruby in Diapers
Yang: "Awe, look. Ruby is still sleeping."

Weiss: "Hmm... she must have really tired herself out. I don't think I've ever seen her fall asleep in anything but her pajamas."

Yang: "Yeah, she's been really stressed lately."

Weiss: "I-Is she wearing a diaper?"

Yang: "Hehe. She always has, haven't you noticed?"

Weiss: "Oh, she's such a little baby. I swear."

Yang: "Hey, you've seen her do lots of incredible and brave stuff. Just because she likes to be a little sometimes, doesn't mean she's not an incredible girl."

Weiss: "I know, but why diapers? How long has she been wearing diapers?"

Yang: "I told you, she always has. Haven't you been listening?"

Rwby: *Groggily* "Will you two please be quiet, the baby is trying to take a nap." -3-

I've been teasing the idea of doing some non-mlp drawings for a while and I noticed a stunning lack of Ruby-related abdl content. So, I plan on doing quite a bit more Rwby related stuff in the future!

That being said, I'm not dropping MLP sketches entirely. I am however going to invest more time into anime-related AB/DL sketching because I find it cute and more exciting to produce.

If you'd like to suggest a character- any character- feel free to request whomever you'd like to see diapered next in the comments down below!

I hope you have a wonderful day ~England ^^

An Update! ~England

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 1:04 PM

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I'm not dead, I've just been taking my finals. I'll be posting new art in two days! ^~^

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